Netflix hits Comic-Con with new full-length 'Bright' trailer

We were hoping to see a new trailer forBright at Comic-Con International in San Diego this year and that is exactly what we -- and anyone in attendance at the Thursday's Netflix movie panel -- got to see during this year's convention.

After releasing a teaser forBrightin February, Netflix finally delivered a full-length trailer for director David Ayer's cop drama set in a world of orcs, elves, and other magical creatures. Not only does the trailer provide quite a bit more footage from the film but it also reveals significantly more of the premise behind the unique project.

Scripted byChronicleand American Ultrascreenwriter Max Landis,Bright is set in a version of the modern world where all manner of fantasy creatures coexist with humans. Two-time Oscar nominee Will Smith (Men in Black,Suicide Squad) plays a police officer partnered with the department's first orc cop (played byThe Gift andWarrior actorJoel Edgerton), and the pair find themselves caught up in a dangerous adventure when they encounter a young female elf and the powerful magical artifact in her possession.

Landis has compared the film to Ayer's own gritty cop drama,End of Watch, with the addition of magical elements, and it appears to share something in common with 1988'sAlien Nation, too.

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Along with Smith and Edgerton, the film's cast includes Prometheus actress Noomi Rapace, Ike Barinholtz (Neighbors),Edgar Ramrez (Carlos), and Lucy Fry (Wolf Creek). Additional supporting cast members include Happy Anderson (The Knick),Kenneth Choi (Sons of Anarchy),Dawn Olivieri (House of Lies), andAndrea Navedo (Jane the Virgin).

Earlier this year, Netflix won a bidding war for the rights toBright, and the $90 million price tag on the film makes it the most expensive original movie produced by Netflix to date. Landis was paid $3 million for the script -- one of the largest deals a writer has received in recent years. The film is subject to a unique deal intended to provide all of the cast members and creative team similar returns to what they would receive on a traditionally distributed film, soBright has been the subject of significant industry attention in recent months.

Bright will debut on Netflix in December.