Pittsburgh Steelers safety Sean Davis said he was fined for his helmet-to-helmet hit to Chiefs wideout Chris Conley, but Davis contends he did nothing wrong on the play that resulted in an unnecessary roughness penalty Sunday.

"The penalty, I wasn't trippin' about the penalty man, it happened," Davis said, via ESPN. "I'm sorry I hit him in the head, I'm not apologizing for it. That's football. I dislodged the ball, I did my job, I wasn't aiming at his head with my head. I was trying to hit him with my shoulder pad. He just fell into it, how I see it. But I did my job, we won the game. That's that."

Davis, who said he was fined $24,000 for the hit but plans to appeal it, said he was basically in a no-win situation during the play that set up the Chiefs' second touchdown late in the fourth quarter of the Steelers' 18-16 win.

"I couldn't have done anything different, especially in the red zone. I'm forced to tackle high. If I tackle low, there's a chance of him falling on top of me into the end zone," he said.