Seattle Seahawks WR Golden Tate ready for reaction he'll receive in Green Bay

Golden Tate is certain he won't be taking part in a "Lambeau Leap" should the Seattle Seahawks wide receiver find his way into the end zone on Friday night.

But should he score, Tate might have a little something planned.

Tate wasn't willing to give details on Tuesday as he talked ahead of the Seahawks' preseason trip to Green Bay. He'll be headed into a more hostile territory than maybe any other he's faced in his NFL career.

That's because of what happened last year on Tate's disputed touchdown reception on the final play of the game against the Packers in Week 3 that gave Seattle a 14-12 victory. Tate got away with offensive pass interference on the play, then was credited with a catch after replacement officials said he had simultaneous possession with Green Bay's M.D. Jennings.