Nick Saban says he has no beef with Jim Harbaugh, who's not backing down

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Nick Saban says he has "no beef about Jim Harbaugh", insisting "I really don't care" what the Michigan coach says or does.

Harbaugh recently called out Saban over his comments on satellite camps, essentially accusing the Alabama coach of being a hypocrite. Saban fired back by saying he doesn't care what Harbaugh thinks, and doubled down on that Thursday at his charity golf tournament.

"I have no beef about Jim Harbaugh," Saban told "Jim Harbaugh is fine with me. I didn't say anything about him and I'm not saying anything about him right now. Everybody has the right to manage their program like they want. I'm not in any way critical of anything he's doing or has done or anything else. I don't really care."

Harbaugh, however, didn't sound like he was backing down when he addressed the feud earlier this week.

"I feel like one got fired over our bow, and you want to fire one back over their bow," Harbaugh told on Tuesday at a satellite camp in South Alabama. "Usually, things are from the school of thought of 'sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt you.' Unless somebody attacks you or somebody lies or somebody bullies you. I'm talking generally now, not about our specific Twitter deal, but just in general, or somebody attacks something you love or someone you love, then you stand your ground. And I love football."