A "very convincing" Vince Young impersonator is reportedly duping Philadelphia sports fans into believing that he is in fact the Philadelphia Eagles' backup quarterback.

The man, identified on Young's Twitter feed as Stephan Pittman, has tried to solicit money from several young women by telling them the funds are destined for The Vince Young Foundation, according to Philly Sports Daily.

"Most of the calls [we've received] have been pretty consistent in that he’s asking for money for the foundation,” Antoinette Latham, executive director of The Vince Young Foundation, told the website. "We absolutely don’t know who he is otherwise."

Latham said Pittman has been impersonating Young since June. She received an email from a woman who sought the return of $2,500 she purportedly gave Pittman, along with pictures of the alleged imposter.

"I've received at least a dozen phone calls and emails from people who have met him and he’s asked them to donate to the foundation," said Latham. "Back in June we contacted NFL security and the police. From our research, he’s a sex offender, so that is what is making us concerned. We don’t want anybody to get hurt."

Pittman is also believed to be impersonating Young in Prince George's County in Maryland.

"[Pittman] is dangerous," Young tweeted on Monday. "Thank you to NFL Security and Prince George Police for ur help."

Young also characterized the alleged impersonator as a "career criminal."

Jonathan Pastore told Philly Sports Daily that one of his friends spotted Pittman during a night out last week in Manayunk, a Philadelphia suburb.

"Everyone I heard that went out with him said he was funny and shelled out cash like crazy,” Pastore told the website.  ”He never made us feel threatened when we were out with him, just a straight up con artist trying to pick up young college girls."

The Maryland Sex Offender Registry contains a listing for "Stephan Antwain Pittman," a 33-year-old man whose last known address was in Odenton, Md. He was convicted of a sexual offense in Texas in 2009, according to the website.

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