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Philadelphia Eagles

Does Vick Deserve President’s Praise?

Obama gives kudos to Philadelphia Eagles for giving Michael Vick second chance

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  1. 'I Was Wrong'

    A grateful Michael Vick thanks Philadelphia Eagles organization for second chance, vows to serve community

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    Rush Limbaugh isn't happy he won't be calling the signals for the St. Louis Rams

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    Are some states better prepared to receive stimulus cash than others? Gov. Ed Rendell casts his unbiased vote

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    Tea Party Movement helps send former NFL lineman Jon Runyan to Washington

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  1. Brian Kilmeade's SportsBlog: Vick's Comeback

    Philadelphia Eagles QB starting to soar

  2. Second Chance

    Michael Vick returns to NFL after being signed by Philadelphia Eagles

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    Walk into summer in style! We've got this season's hottest sandals, modeled by the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders!

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  5. Paid His Dues?

    Does Michael Vick deserve a second chance?

  6. Obama Praises Eagles for Vick's 'Second Chance'

    Panel debates president's response to ex-convict's comeback

  7. President Obama Praises Eagles

    Thinks Vick deserved a second chance

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