Lions DT Suh meets with NFL commissioner

Fined several times for hits on quarterbacks despite being only halfway through his second NFL season, Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has gained a reputation as a dirty player.

But NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says he has seen evidence that Suh is doing better to play within the rules.

Suh scheduled a meeting with Goodell that took place Tuesday, taking the time during Detroit's bye week to speak with the commissioner about his play.

In a statement, Goodell thanked Suh for setting up the meeting, which also included Lions head coach Jim Schwartz and team president Tom Lewand.

"Ndamukong plays the game with great skill and passion and is a major reason for the Lions' success this year," Goodell said in the statement, posted initially to his Twitter account.

"We reviewed video showing that he has clearly made the adjustments to play consistently within the rules so that he can continue to help the team. We commend Ndamukong's leadership in taking the initiative to schedule today's meeting."

Suh has become one of the NFL's best defensive lineman since Detroit drafted him No. 2 overall last year, winning Rookie of the Year. But he has also drawn criticism for his play.

He was fined for a hit on rookie Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton this past preseason after being fined twice as a rookie for illegal hits on quarterbacks Jake Delhomme and Jay Cutler.

Two weeks ago, several Falcons players accused Suh of taunting Matt Ryan after the Atlanta quarterback hurt his knee.