Lane Kiffin explains the origins of his awful FAU recruiting video

It's the recruiting video that was the talk of the nation this past February -- for all the wrong reasons.

Of course we're talking about the infamous Lane Kiffin "Commit to the Owls" video which was released by Kiffin's new school, Florida Atlantic right before Signing Day.

The video was bad. Very bad. But as Kiffin explained, that was actually by design.

He joined "The Herd" with Colin Cowherd on Wednesday and explained that the plan all along was to put out the worst video possible (cut to the 4:00 minute mark of the video):

"We had a really good marketing idea," Kiffin said. "We said if we just put out a normal video, nobody's going to play that outside of Boca. Let's do like the worse one ever, so then everybody people would put in on TV and say, 'look how bad this is.' All the sudden we've got publicity for the program."

As Kiffin referenced, it became the talk of the internet for a week, something that would have never happened if it had been a standard piece.

At this point, it's impossible to argue that the ploy worked.

Several months before his first game of his tenure in Boca Raton, Kiffin has picked up the first big "W" of his career.