Francisco Trevino tests positive for marijuana following loss to Sage Northcutt

Following a 57-second loss to Sage Northcutt at UFC 192, Francisco Trevino tested positive for marijuana metabolites according the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

The governing body over sports in Texas confirmed the results in an email to FOX Sports on Thursday following an initial report from MMAFighting.

Trevino was the only fighter on the card to test positive for any banned substances with all 24 competitors at UFC 192 being tested at the event.

According to results obtained by FOX Sports, Trevino tested positive at 85 ng/ML with the threshold in Texas set at 50ng/ML for marijuana.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) limit for marijuana is 150ng/ML, which is the same amount used in many states such as Nevada.

State commissions still set their own limits and WADA rules are not required to be enforced, which is why Texas is allowed to set a different standard based on their own rules and regulations.

Trevino (12-2, 1-2 in the UFC) has been suspended for 90-days as a result of the infraction, which comes after a very tumultuous fight week for the UFC lightweight.

First, Trevino came in four pounds overweight, hitting the scale at 160-pounds for a fight with Northcutt where the limit was 156-pounds.

He then got blitzed and finished in just 57-seconds before putting his hands on referee Herb Dean in protest to the stoppage of the fight.

UFC officials have not commented yet on the situation with Trevino's positive drug test, which also comes at the end of the first two losses of his professional fighting career.