Browns wide receiver Greg Little says he put his life, others at risk with reckless driving

Browns wide receiver Greg Little says his driving was "mindless and careless" when he wrecked his car while driving 127 mph.

Little was cited in April after crashing his car into a guardrail and taking out a light pole. Little said he has learned from the "traumatic experience" and promised to abide by laws and act more responsibly. He was ticketed earlier this week for speeding and expired license plates.

Little said he "is trying to move forward and do all the things necessary to have a good reputation."

Browns coach Rob Chudzinski said he has spoken to Little as well as wide receiver Josh Gordon, who was also cited for speeding this month. Chudzinski said both players understood they were endangering themselves and others. Chudzinski would not say if the players have been disciplined.