Boston backup goalie Tuukka Rask is giving NHL.com an inside look at the Boston Bruins throughout the Stanley Cup Final. Behind the Rask will provide daily updates on Boston's experiences throughout the Stanley cup Final as seen through the eyes of the 24-year-old Finnish goalie.

In his first entry, Rask talks about the brilliant play of Tim Thomas in Game 1 and how Thomas and the Bruins can deal with the emotions generated by the heartbreaking 1-0 loss in Game 1 on Wednesday:

VANCOUVER -- loss like this is always tough for a goalie. I'm sure Tim is upset. You just have to realize you played a heck of a game and take all the good things and don't let one little thing get in your head too much. But, it is frustrating when you did everything you can to win a hockey game and you lose in the last minute.

It's tough, but you just have to focus on the next one.

That's one thing that Timmy is good at. He's a veteran guy. It's not the first time this has happened to him. Probably not at this stage, but you get those games every now and then. He knows how to handle that.

I talked to Timmy a little after the game. I just told him, "Good job." Like I said, it was frustrating for him a little bit.

Tonight was really a good effort from Timmy. He's been rock solid throughout the playoffs. Today, he definitely deserved to win.

As far as the rest of the team, it wasn't too bad after the game. Guys were upset, but that is the way it should be. We just told everybody to keep their heads up and focus on the next one and hopefully we can get off the road at .500

For me, it's hard after a game like this. I just have to stay positive and cheer the guys up. For the guys that don't play, that is pretty much all you can do – tell them that they did a good job and keep that positive attitude.