World's Biggest Beaver Dam Visible From Space

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Canadian beavers built the world's longest dam -- so big it can be seen from space, The Sun reported Tuesday.

The incredible woodland construction is a staggering 2,790 feet in length -- more than half a mile long.

It is twice the size of what was the world's largest, the Hoover dam, which borders Arizona and Nevada in the U.S. and spans 1,244 feet. The furry critters use trees, mud and stone to make a type of moat where they can use their swimming skills to evade any predators.

The dam, located on the southern edge of Wood Buffalo National Park in Northern Alberta, central Canada, was spotted by experts monitoring the size and spread of beaver dams in North America.

Sharon Brown, a biologist from Beavers: Wetland and Wildlife, an educational organization in North America, said: "Beavers build dams to create a good habitat.

"They create a habitat with lots of water like a moat around their lodges so they can swim and drive, and keep one step ahead of predators such as coyotes and bears."

It is thought that several beaver families joined forces to create the massive dam, containing thousands of trees, and took many months to complete it.

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