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Hoover Dam

Dam Shame: Hoover’s workforce nears retirement, gov’t scrambles to fill jobs

More than 80 years ago, during the Great Depression, thousands of unemployed Americans traveled from far and wide to the border of Arizona and Nevada, hoping to land a precious job building and operating one of the nation's great engineering wonders, the Hoover Dam.Today, however -- even with millions of Americans unable to find a job -- that lasting symbol of worker pride and strength no longer is attracting the attention of America's skilled workforce. A wave of retirements is about to hit Hoover. Two-fifths of the dam’s current employees will be eligible for retirement in the next five years, leaving the government scrambling to fill 40 upcoming vacancies.The Interior Department agency that oversees Hoover is moving to fast-track hiring for its department-wide openings. But the dam’s aging workforce, mostly baby boomers closing in on retirement age, are part of a specialized group of hydroelectric engineers and electricians with a skill set not widely taught or available across much...

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  3. Dam Shame: Hoover's workforce retiring, gov't scrambles

    Matt Finn reports on how a wave of retirement is about to hit Hoover, leaving the government scrambling to fill dozens of upcoming vacancies

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    A tour bus with dozens of international tourists suddenly caught fire Monday as it was leaving the Hoover Dam Visitor Center near the Arizona and Nevada border, offi...

  5. Tour bus ignites near Nevada's Hoover Dam

    A tour bus with dozens of international tourists suddenly caught fire Monday as it was leaving the Hoover Dam Visitor Center near the Arizona and Nevada border, offi...

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