What If You Could 'Download' New Skills? Scientists Say It's Possible

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In the future, people may be able to plug in and "download" new skills like characters in The Matrix, scientists say.

Scientists from Boston University and ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories in Kyoto, Japan, have used a functional magnetic resonance machine (fMRI) to decode the process of learning.

The procedure - known as Decoded Neurofeedback or “DecNef” – stimulates the visual cortex by sending signals that change the brain activity pattern.

For example, by placing a juggler into a fMRI machine and have them imagine juggling, scientists, can capture the brain patterns and then pass the information onto someone else.

Researchers put volunteers through a visual skill test using the fMRI, and then compared the results with another group who didn’t.

They found those using the new technology experienced a significant improvement in visual skills.

The process - published in the journal Science - does not require any red or blue pills, or medication of any kind.

Welcome to the real world.