Russian fisherman's photos of scary sea creatures become viral sensation

Russian fisherman Roman Fedorstov’s Instagram account used to feature well-composed, idyllic shots of waterfalls, forests and other landscapes. But in the fall Fedorstov’s social media account took a dark, dark turn.

Fedorstov’s account began featuring images of blood-chilling bottom feeders, creepy crustaceans and other sorts of ghoulish sea creatures that he and his crew hauled in their nets while trawling the deep waters off Russia’s Barents Sea.

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The fisherman, who lives in the northwestern Russian city of Murmansk, has gained a loyal following on social media for his ghastly photos of fish that look like something dreamed up for a Guillermo del Toro film or if Stephen King had created the Muppets instead of Jim Henson.

While his photos have been making social media users squirm-  and gaining him thousands of new followers - Fedorstov handles all the slimy sea creatures in his photos with bare hands.

In one photo he handles a halibut with a gigantic eye at the top of its head. In another holds in the palm of his hand a spindly “offshore spider,” which he says is “hopefully not poisonous.”

(Photos courtesy of Roman Fedorstov/Instagram)

The photo that has caused the biggest sensation online – and probably one or two nightmares – is of an unnamed shark whose gapping mouth would not be out of place in Ridley Scott’s “Alien” series.

After looking at these photos, some may think twice about taking a swim at the beach next summer.