Wisconsin Grocers Brace for Anti-Walker Sticker Campaign

The massive protests against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's controversial budget that paralyzed the state capital for weeks are now headed for the grocery stores.

But instead of marching outside stores with picket signs, protesters are planning more subversive action: placing anti-Walker stickers on products made by businesses they believe support the law that severely limits the collective bargaining power of most state workers. The law is currently on hold pending a legal challenge.

The Wisconsin Grocery Association is warning its members to be on the lookout for opponents of Walker defacing some products in grocery stores on Sunday.

Walker opponents have urged consumers to boycott companies that have donated to the governor's campaign.

There's an effort under way to expand the boycott nationally by placing stickers on products in grocery stores.

Among the targeted products are Johnsonville brats ("these brats bust unions"), Coors beer ("labor rights flow away like a mountain stream") and Angel Soft toilet paper.

This effort is being pushed by the same pro-union people who boycotted banks and stores whose management gave to Walker's campaign.

Spokesmen for area grocery stores call this an act of vandalism. The grocers group has created a sign for stores to post alerting people that placing stickers on products in stores is illegal.

Several of the grocery stores' spokesmen say if they catch someone placing one of these stickers, they will call law enforcement.