President Obama brought up the killing of Usama bin Laden in a political fundraiser Tuesday night in Texas. His reference raised questions of whether it would be something the president would bring up frequently on the trail.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney wouldn't budge much on questions in the briefing about it, and would not disclose if it's going to be a regular part of his campaign circuit speech.

"We're taking the fight to al Qaeda. And because of the extraordinary bravery of the men and women who wear this nation's uniform and the outstanding work of our intelligence agencies, Usama bin Laden will never again threaten the United States of America. We couldn't be prouder of them," Obama said at the Democratic National Committee fundraiser in Austin.

Carney restated what the president said about the commitment of the military and intelligence community in executing the mission.

He said he couldn't predict what would be in speeches going forward, but said last night it was "appropriate." Carney added the president will be running on his record, and his record is his record.