Update! First Couple's Images Used Without Consent

Update:  Fox News' Major Garrett has learned that the White House Counsel's office has asked the "Weatherman" company "to take the billboard down.”

A White House official adds: “This ad is clearly misleading because the company suggests the approval or endorsement of the President or the White House that it does not have.”

First it was Michelle Obama, now the President.  Twice in two days, their likenesses have been used for commercial purposes - a big no-no according to the White House.

Tuesday, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA),  released a new anti-fur ad featuring Mrs. Obama.   The First Lady's office tells Fox News that PETA posted the image without their consent. 

Not that they would have granted it.  Historically, the likenesses of the president and the first lady, whomever they may be, should not be used for such purposes.

And Wednesday, Weatherproof - a clothing company, posted a huge billboard in New York's Time Square featuring the Commander in Chief donning one of their coats during his trip to China last year. 

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