Trump touts lower gas prices as 'another Tax Cut'

President Trump on Tuesday touted news of falling gas prices in the U.S., likening the savings to "another Tax Cut."

Prices at the pump reached their lowest level in two years in December at $2.37 and have continued to fall, according to FOX Business. In nine states, the average price for a gallon of gasoline fell below $2.

“Gas prices are low and expected to go down this year,” Trump tweeted. “This would be good!”

Trump added, “Do you think it’s just luck that gas prices are so low, and falling? Low gas prices are like another Tax Cut!”

At the start of the new year, the national average was $2.26, down at least 6 cents from a week ago and more than 20 cents lower than the national average.

The cheaper prices were part of the reason why AAA expected more Americans to be on the road for the holiday season. The organization estimated that as many as 102 million Americans were expected to travel.