Trump: My emails are 'so boring,' he'd 'release them tomorrow'

Donald Trump on Thursday decided to follow Hillary Clinton's lead and talk about his use of email, although he said his emails are so dull it wouldn't be a problem to release them all to the public.

During an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt, Trump said he'd be willing to release his emails in full "tomorrow," though he warned that they were nothing to write home about.

"They are, in theory, very secure," Trump said when asked if private sector has an advantage over government contracting on email protection. "But, you know, honestly my emails are so boring. I would release them tomorrow. My emails are not exciting, and I'm not a big fan of the email stuff."

"I think there's a great lack of security with computers, I'll tell you," Trump continued. "I assume that, and it's totally illegal for people to do things about it, but I assume that when I send out emails, which are very seldom, frankly. I'm not a big believer. I like to do that as little as possible. But I assume that they're being looked at by other people."