Trump Chats with RNC Chairman

Donald Trump and Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus spoke over the phone Thursday afternoon. Republican sources describe it as a courtesy call to bring Trump up to speed on the substance of the talks the RNC has had with other potential GOP presidential candidates.

They went over subjects such as the presidential nominating schedule, and all the work the RNC is doing to keep that plan on schedule. The two also had a discussion about the GOP presidential debates and what role the RNC might play in that process.

These sources were not sure if the two discussed Trump's insistence that President Obama produce his birth certificate. However Fox News is told "Chairman Preibus does not agree with Mr. Trump on that subject."

The conversation between Trump and Priebus will fuel more speculation of ‘The Donald' as a serious potential Presidential candidate. But the more substantive evidence may be in the latest polls.

The Real Clear Politics average of potential 2012 Republican Presidential nominees has Trump running in third with 12.7 percent, trailing only Mike Huckabee (18 percent) and Mitt Romney (17.7 percent).