Texas Debates Redistricting Plan That Pits Republicans Against Each Other

The GOP-led Texas House has scheduled debate on a controversial redistricting plan that would pit several Republicans against each other.
A new map for the state House is on the agenda for Wednesday. Dozens of amendments will be considered, and opponents will attempt procedural challenges. The Republicans have a lopsided 101-49 majority in the 150-member House, a supermajority so big that they can transact business even if Democrats don't show up for work.
With so many seats to protect, GOP leaders can't draw enough safe districts to protect all their incumbents in the next election, in 2012. Initial proposals would draw several Republicans into the same districts, as conservative rural areas shrink relative to suburban areas. Hispanics, accounting for two-thirds of Texas' growth since 2000, are demanding more Latino-dominated seats.
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APTV 04-27-11 0401EDT