Texas congressman wants magic declared a 'national treasure'

This may be the first step in getting bad lawmakers to disappear.

A Texas congressman has introduced a resolution to recognize magic “as a rare and valuable art form,” The Dallas Morning News reported.

Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Dallas, who is chairman of the House Rules Committee, introduced a resolution last Monday that would declare magic a “national treasure.”

Six Republican leaders have signed on to Sessions’ resolution, and it even has the support of illusionist David Copperfield, who reportedly is cited in the resolution.

Copperfield runs Project Magic, an organization that teaches magic to children with physical disabilities.

Sessions uses Leonardo da Vinci to help bolster his case, noting da Vinci had a role in a book on magic in the late 15th century. The resolution also makes the case that magic has the power “to impact the lives of all people” and “enables people to experience the impossible.”

If passed, the House resolution would not only recognize magic as a national treasure, it would reinforce that the House supports "efforts to make certain that magic is preserved, understood and promulgated."

The resolution says that "magic is a unifying force across cultural, religious, ethnic and age differences in our diverse nation," and adds that "magic is timeless in appeal and requires only the capacity to dream."

The resolution heads to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee for initial consideration.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.