Tennessee legislature may force AG to fight EPA on new emissions rules

Tennessee Attorney General Bob Cooper remains noncommittal on whether he'll fight the EPA over new regulations handed down to the states that direct them to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from power plants by an average of 30 percent.

Cooper's spokeswoman Sharon Curtis-Flair told Tennessee Watchdog Tuesday that Cooper plans to review the regulations as they develop.

Attorneys general in Texas and Oklahoma have already vowed to fight the regulations.

One member of Tennessee's General Assembly, Glen Casada, R-Franklin, said he finds the regulations so disturbing he wants the Legislature to order Cooper to take action against the EPA on behalf of all Tennesseans.

"If you want to see your electricity bills go up by a bare-bones minimum of $30 a month, or closer to $60-$70 a month, this affects how much groceries you have and how you raise and clothe your family," Casada told Tennessee Watchdog Tuesday.

"Yes, it's really that dramatic."

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