Ted Cruz teaches the world how to properly cook bacon ... using a machine-gun

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What do you get when you put Ted Cruz, a high-powered assault rifle and a pile of cured pork products in a room together?

The answer: Breakfast, of course.

The firebrand Texas lawmaker and Republican presidential candidate demonstrated how he makes "Machine-Gun Bacon" for his family in a viral video released on Monday.

"There are few things I enjoy more than on weekends cooking breakfast with the family," Cruz said at the beginning of the film, published on conservative website IJReview. "Of course in Texas we cook bacon a little differently than most folks."

The video, which clocks in at just over a minute, features Cruz wrapping the barrel of a high-powered assault rifle in strips of bacon, covering the bacon in tin foil and then opening fire at a shooting range target. When the presidential candidate is done unloading the clip on the hapless piece of paper, he removes the tin foil to reveal a strip of sizzling, crispy bacon.

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"Mmm, machine gun bacon," Cruz said after taking a bit of the breakfast meat that he pulled of the steaming gun barrel.

Cruz’s video has drawn a good deal of confusion about the reliability and safety of using a firearm to cook breakfast.

FoodSafety.gov,  a federal website dedicated to promoting safe food consumption, has warned that besides the iffy hygiene of cooking with guns, there is also no way to accurately tell if the bacon is getting the proper amount of heat what applied to the tip of an assault rifle.

Even gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson warned against the method cooking.

"We certainly wouldn’t recommend you cooking bacon on that," a representative for the company told the Guardian. "I don’t think the gun is designed to cook bacon."

Cruz’s cooking stunt is just one of many videos posted online by members of the seemingly ever-expanding Republican presidential field to gain some exposure as the limelight continues to be cast upon Donald Trump.

Cruz earlier this year posted a mock audition for the Simpsons, while South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham destroyed his cellphone in another video after Donald Trump publically released the lawmaker’s number during a speech. Dr. Ben Carson has also filmed a video teaching viewers how to beat the kids' game "Operation."

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush posted a series of#JebNoFilter videos on his YouTube channel, where – among other things – he discusses "Sharknado 3" and tries to put on a hooded sweatshirt during a hot day.

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