Team Perry not Quite Ready to Hit the Start Button

Despite reports suggesting Texas Gov. Rick Perry will enter the race for the GOP presidential nomination this weekend in South Carolina, a Perry spokesman says he is still considering whether or not to run.

"The Governor is not a candidate for office at this time," Perry spokesman Mark Miner said in a statement. "With President Obama's dismal economic record, and Texas' success in creating jobs and balancing our budget, Governor Perry continues to consider a potential run for the White House. Stay tuned."

Reports Monday indicated that Perry will announce his final decision during a RedState conference appearance in Charleston Saturday before heading to Iowa and New Hampshire.

Perry's team has long maintained that the Texas governor would make a decision on whether he will run within a week to 10 days after the Iowa Straw poll in Ames - which takes place Saturday. A simultaneous announcement from Perry in South Carolina would directly challenge the attention of prospective voters and signal that he is serious about winning the nomination.

Ahead of any announcements this Saturday or in the coming weeks, Perry continues to aggressively pursue potential staff members and campaign donors. This is all deliberative planning which leaves little doubt the Texan is running for president.