Man, was Twitter cooking last night during the State of the Union. GIFs, memes, pics of that silver thing on John Boehner’s desk. It’s a wonder anyone had time to jot down President Obama’s quotes.

That Duck Dynasty guy even showed up. Not the one who got in trouble for saying things in a magazine -- his son.

The problem with SOTU is that for an hour plus, it’s the same picture of three men, in three blue suits and white shirts sitting in front of red and white flag stripes.

No wonder a whopping number of multi-tasking tweeters lose interest and aim wisecracking witticism at the baby-kissers.

Last year’s attention-stealers like Marco Rubio, who tried to maintain eye contact with the camera during his GOP response while drinking a bottle of water, provided fodder for the late-night comics for days.

Prolific funny guy, @pourmecoffee, wondered out loud what the TV screen would look like if John Boehner and Joe Biden morphed into “Daft Punk.” For those who missed Sunday’s Grammys, the masked robot duo that performs French electronic music, took home four awards.

Seconds later…Darth to the rescue.

Somewhere before ObamaCare-is-great, and after the women-need-equal-pay section, wandering eyes spied something silver. A new hashtag was born:  #thatthinginfrontofBoehner.

Turns out, it’s just an old inkstand.

Why Boehner, or anyone at all for that matter, needs an inkstand – especially when they don’t even have a piece of paper with them – is beyond me.

Media guy Jon Fine tried the same trick.

But alas, no Santa hat appeared.

There was a Kathleen Sebelius ObamaCare GIF that keeps on giving.

But the most bizarre tweet inspiration has to go to CNN’s Alex Castellanos for saying, well, that sex was, er, well… Just shake your head and listen to it yourself.

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