SC lawmaker flips endorsement from Clinton to Sanders

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A prominent South Carolina state representative said Monday he is flipping his support to Sen. Bernie Sanders, after initially backing Hillary Clinton.

Democratic Rep. Justin Bamberg, the lawyer for the family of Walter Scott, the unarmed black motorist who was shot last year by a white police officer in North Charleston, S.C., said he believes having Sanders in the White House would be most beneficial to those in his state.

Bamberg officially endorsed Sanders for president Monday, and said during a press conference he didn’t give the Vermont senator “his fair shake.”

"After taking a closer look at the senator and his policies, I believe a Sanders presidency will bring economic equality for Americans grappling with the effects of a rigged economy," Bamberg said.

"He will also create opportunities for much-needed criminal justice reforms and work to restore relationships between law enforcement officials and the communities they serve,” Bamberg said.

The Sanders camp announced it would start running ads across South Carolina this week. The state’s first-in-the-South primary is Feb. 27.