Ryan defends Trump backing, says no 'third option'

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House Speaker Paul Ryan defended his support of Donald Trump during a town hall event Tuesday, saying despite their disagreements he represents a far better option than Hillary Clinton – and reminding voters there is no “third option.”

Ryan cast the 2016 race as an either/or scenario, when challenged by a questioner at a CNN town hall event about his support for the billionaire businessman.

"It is a binary choice," Ryan said. "It is either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. You don't get a third option."

Ryan acknowledged he disagrees with some of the statements Trump has made, and vowed to keep speaking out when he does.

But Ryan said what he cares about is the agenda: one that involves securing the border, getting people out of welfare and poverty, growing the economy and replacing ObamaCare.

“None of those things Hillary Clinton’s going to advance,” he said. “She represents a third Obama term.”

Ryan is chairman of the Republican National Convention, which kicks off next week in Cleveland.

He initially held back his support for Trump but eventually came around, despite periodically chiding him for controversial comments.

At the town hall, Ryan also criticized Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for critical comments she made about Trump, including a joke that she’d move to New Zealand if he’s elected. Ryan called the comments out of place.