A new conservative robocall is asking Kansas residents to vote Republican “to see Barack Obama cry.”

The Tea Party Patriots are launching the 11th-hour robocall across Kansas to boost incumbent Sen. Pat Roberts’ chances of defeating the independent candidate, Greg Orman.

The Hill reports that the phone call, cut by Roberts’ former primary competitor, radiologist Milton Wolf, admits that the candidates on the ballot may not necessarily deserve the vote -- but claims voters deserve to see Obama cry and Harry Reid ousted.

"Do the politicians deserve your vote? Maybe not. But you deserve to see Barack Obama cry when we Republicans work together to send Democrats like [Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid [D-Nev.] packing," says Wolf, who only last week gave Roberts his endorsement.

The call reportedly was sent out to more than 250,000 homes on Monday.

Roberts and Orman have been locked in a tight race ever since the Democratic candidate bowed out. A recent Fox News poll showed Orman ahead by a single point, 44-43 percent.