Reporter confronted by security at Chelsea Clinton event

A reporter who attempted to ask Chelsea Clinton a question about her mother’s presidential campaign at a book signing quickly found himself in trouble with security, who allegedly ordered him to delete cellphone footage of the encounter.

Clinton was signing copies of her new book “It’s Your World” at a Barnes and Noble store in New York City Tuesday , when Josiah Ryan, a reporter for The Blaze, stepped up and asked the daughter of Hillary and Bill Clinton a question about her mother’s campaign, while filming the encounter.

Video of the event shows Clinton declining to answer the question, but agreeing to take a picture with Ryan and sign a copy of the book for him. Clinton then passed him on to one of her aides and said she would be “happy to talk” later.

However, security then approached Ryan, demanding to see video. Ryan claims that the officer then told him to delete the footage.

When asked why, the officer told Ryan that recording was “against the law,” and later appears to pass Ryan along to a police office, saying: “He can’t record while he is here and doesn’t want to delete it.”

The Blaze reported that Clinton’s team later advised the officer not to take Ryan’s phone.

A spokeswoman for Chelsea Clinton told that the security guard in question was employed by Barnes and Noble, not by Clinton.

Fox News' Adam Shaw contributed to this report.