President Obama Reacts to Iraqi Election: Praises Voters, Mourns Loss of Life

President Obama reacted to the Iraqi Election Sunday congratulating those who took part. "I have great respect for the millions of Iraqis who refused to be deterred by acts of violence, and who exercised their right to vote today," he said in a release.

The president also praised the Iraqi government and security. Regarding the violence that has resulted in at least 30 deaths he said, "We mourn the tragic loss of life today, and honor the courage and resilience of the Iraqi people who once again defied threats to advance their democracy."

He also noted that Iraqi citizens not just in Iraq, but around the world, including those in the U.S. in cities like Dallas and Nashville who also voted.

President Obama is scheduled to make an on-camera statement from the Rose Garden Sunday afternoon. Watch Fox News Channel and check full coverage of his statement.

Iraqis headed to the polls in a parliamentary election that will help shape the leaders of the still fragile country as U.S. troops are preparing to hand over more control to the Iraqi government.