Orrin Hatch honors Charles Krauthammer: 'A model of civility'

Nearly a week after the death of conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer, Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch issued a touching tribute, saying Krauthammer's “intellect was boundless.”

The lawmaker requested a few minutes on the Senate floor Tuesday afternoon to address “the passing of a dear friend,” who died Thursday at 68 years old, following a battle with cancer.

“Charles was a giant in the conservative intellectual movement and community," Hatch said. "With his passing, we have lost not only a first-rate political mind but a model of civility. As testament to his decency, leaders on both sides of the aisle paid tribute to Charles over the weekend. Today, I now speak for people of all political stripes when I say we will miss him dearly.”


Even though Krauthammer had physical limitations – he required a wheelchair following an accident when he was 22 years old – Hatch said “his intellect was boundless.” He also praised Krauthammer’s control and skill in debate.

“In so many ways, Charles showed us how political discourse should be: balanced and rational, measured and informed, with an emphasis on facts over feeling,” the lawmaker said.

In order to appropriately pay tribute to the longtime Fox News contributor, amongst whose accolades included being a Harvard-educated psychiatrist, Pulitzer Prize winner and best-selling author, Hatch said his life should be honored “through our actions.”


“We can do so by being strong in our convictions but soft with our words; by being principled in our positions but respectful of other views in this world,” Hatch said. “In a word, we can be more civil.”

Hatch said the country is currently experiencing “a deficit of civility,” of which both Republicans and Democrats are guilty “for escalating the rhetoric to irresponsible levels.”

“Is there a better way to honor the life of Charles Krauthammer than to follow the example of civility he leaves behind?” Hatch mused. “May we all, then, recommit ourselves to civility by living as Charles lived. May his memory be a blessing to us all.”

Fox News’ Jason Donner and Elizabeth Llorente contributed to this report.