Ohio Republican Goes Against Fellow GOP in Labor Battle

Steven LaTourette, a Republican Representative from Ohio, is sponsoring an amendment that puts him squarely on the opposite side of most of his GOP colleagues in the pitched battle over the labor movement raging across the country.

A spokeswoman for LaTourette confirmed to Fox News that the amendment to the Federal Administration reauthorization bill would protect a rule finalized by the National Mediation Board last year making it easier to organize unions at airline and railway companies.

House Republicans included language in the FAA reauthorization bill that would repeal that labor rule.

The FAA legislation is expected to come to the House floor as early as Thursday, potentially triggering an interesting showdown between House Republicans regarding labor unions.

For decades transit companies covered under the Railway Labor Act had to vote to join a union, while those abstaining were counted as "no" votes. However, under the revised rule, those who do not vote, don't count for either side, and a simple majority, no matter how small, means the company would be unionized.

"It is clear that the National Mediation Board's decision to overturn a rule that has allowed, for over 75 years, fair union elections is contrary to the demands of the American people," said Republican Representative Phil Gingrey of Georgia.

"In a climate of deep concern felt by Americans because of the size, scope, and spending of our federal government, to also give union leaders and regulatory agencies unmitigated power is unacceptable," Gingrey said.

When asked about LaTourette's amendment Gingrey said it proved the national debate over labor unions is not a partisan issue, "I know him, he's a nice guy. He's proabably just representing his constituency."