ObamaCare Twitter pitches intensify even as deadline extended

The administration has blown through another ObamaCare deadline, extending the federal exchange sign-up for some to mid-April from March 31.

With just five more days until the original sign-up window would close, supporters are inundating my feed with last-minute pleas to join in or lose out.

Reading the ACA tweets reminds me of those annoying going-out-of-business newspaper ads. Limited-Time Only! Starts Immediately! Ends Soon!

We get it; the deadline is near.

See what I mean about an incessant push to sign up? And you only had to read a few of them.

But this gimmick from Obama for America takes the cake. Click through to the site and the quiz question is:  When is the deadline to sign up for coverage that starts in 2014?


The surprise at the end of the quiz is, "A fun online game! Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!"

Maybe it should read: Help us get to seven million subscribers to win 2014.


The nonpartisan Open Secrets Blog asks the question, “Will Money Fix the GOP’s Ground Game in 2014?”

Based on a 2013 expenditure report, it concludes that the GOP is spending more money on salaries that could indicate “a greater emphasis on voter contact" and not on heavy media buys.

So what is the answer to the question? "Whether that ground game holds up under pressure will be evident in November."

That's almost as good as the phrase "only time will tell."


As I watched the snow fall in D.C. Tuesday from sunup until sundown, I wanted to tweet: MAKE IT STOP! Out of respect to fellow tweeters who have either, A) Had to cope with more snow and icy temperatures than I have, or B) Live in Florida -- or somewhere equally sunny and warm -- and don’t care, I resisted.

Turns out, I didn't have to tweet it. Former Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor did it for me:

South Carolina’s Jeff Duncan finds Mother Nature’s antics more amazing than annoying.

For the record, most of us are just plain annoyed.