Obama: "Real and Honest Discussion" on Expiring Tax Cuts

President Obama says he wants a "real and honest discussion" at the White House on Tuesday morning, as Democratic and Republican House and Senate leaders meet to talk about the expiring Bush tax cuts and other issues.

In his weekly address, the President said, "I believe that if we stop talking at one another, and start talking with one another, we can get a lot done."

The main point of contention is what to do with the tax rates for American families making over $250,000.

Republicans say they should be included in any tax cut extensions.

The top Senate Republican, Mitch McConnell, who is expected to attend the meeting at the White House on Tuesday, said last week, "Americans don't think we should be raising taxes on anybody, especially in the middle of a recession."

But President Obama and Congressional Democrats, who argue the government can't afford to lose tax money coming in from the wealthy, want to extend the tax cuts for those families making $250,000 or less, about 98% of taxpayers.

The tax cuts expire at the end of this year.