Obama on Bill Clinton

At his press conference today in Zanesville, Ohio, Barack Obama said the following after his Monday telephone conversation -- described by his campaign as "terrific" --  with former President Bill Clinton.
"I absolutely want Bill Clinton campaigning for me we had a great conversation. He is one of the most gifted public officials of our generation. And, you know, (he) has, has been one of the most successful presidents we have had in my lifetime. And so I want his active involvement his, active participation.
On the subject of the occasionally testy back-and-forth between the Obama and Hillary Clinton campaigns, Obama said:
"We did not belabor the primary season. I think what we both acknowledged is that when you are in a tough primary battle you say things that afterwards you may end up thinking that might have been a little intemperate but that is the nature of political campaigns."
As for the general election mojo with the former president, Obama said: "We are absolutely united in wanting to make sure that Democrats succeed both in congress and in the White House in November and that we can move an agenda forward that is actually going to help people in Ohio."

They are assuredly united in "wanting" to achieve maximum success for Democrats, starting with Obama himself. But there is still work to do here. Aides to the former president said Obama and Clinton are exploring a joint campaign appearance in the near future and a private dinner.  Or it could be a private dinner and then a joint campaign appearance. Details are still being worked out, but one or both of these could occur in the next two weeks.