Not Crashers, But Lurkers; Salahis Stopped In Limo Traffic Goof Near 2nd Obama State Dinner

Oh, what a coincidence!!

I mean, can you imagine?

The reality-TV couple  of 20 years ago (no, wait, it was last only feels like 20 years ago in digital world), Tareq and Michaele (Mik-AY-luh, for those who forgot her required and most-arch pronunciation requirements) were stopped by the U.S. Secret Service last night near the White House.

And can you believethey were in a limo just tooling around President Obama's second State Dinner, this one feting Mexican President Felipe Calderon and wife Margarita Zavala.

I mean, what are the chances?

No WAY this was planned.

I mean, the Salahis, weren't they over-exposed. Oh, right, that's not possible anymore. Not genuinely, anyway.

The Salahis, remember, crashed the first State Dinner held for Indian Prime Minister Monmohan Singh (they insist they had some kind of an invite, but the security snafu cost then-Social Secretary and tight First Family pal Desiree Rogers her job). That gate-crasher caper, it is now reported, will be part of the first season of "Real Housewives of D.C." on a flat-screen near you later this year on the Bravo network.

How did the gate-crashers of yore find themselves on Secret Service radar screen again?

Their limo driver (doesn't everyone have one?) made a "wrong" turn near the White House. Prompting a traffic stop. Prompting their identities to be discovered. Prompting their names to be released to the press corps.

A million to one publicity shot, don't ya think?

Herewith, the official description of said event from Secret Service spokesman Edwin Donovan.

"Last night at approximately 2000hours (that's 8 p.m. EDT to you and me) a Secret Service Uniformed Division officer observed a stretch limousine pass through a red light at 15th and Constitution (streets).

The vehicle then signaled that it was turning into the Ellipse parking area at 16th and Constitution, a restricted area.

The vehicle was subsequently stopped at 17th and H Street and it was then learned that Tareq and Michaele Salahi were among the occupants of the vehicle. The driver and occupants of the vehicle were interviewed at this point. The driver was issued a notice of infraction for passing through a red light and all the subjects in the vehicle were released."

It might be worth noting that the "restricted area" near the Ellipse off of Constitution Avenue is among the best-known restricted driving areas near the National Mall. It's sort of the Washington Monument of restricted areas.

Must have been a brand-new "stretch limo" driver.