A New York man with special needs is using his entrepreneurial spirit to unite Congress.

John Cronin, the award-winning co-founder of John's Crazy Socks, told "Fox News Primetime" he hopes to end congressional infighting with his creative footwear.

Cronin, the first businessman with Down syndrome to win the Entrepreneur Of The Year: New York award, told host Rachel Campos-Duffy his goal is to gift a pair of socks to every one of the 535 members of Congress.

"My idea; I create a unity sock, and I give the socks to all the members of Congress... to bring everybody together: No fighting, no violence" said John, who joined the program with his father and John's Crazy Socks co-founder Mark Cronin.

"We had a simple idea. We all have more in common than we do that separates us. Even with our different backgrounds and different views. We have to remember the promise of this country that binds us together, and we made socks," Mark added.

John Cronin told Campos-Duffy he recently met with bipartisan New York lawmakers to gift them socks: Long Island Reps. Andrew Garbarino, a Republican, and Thomas Suozzi, a Democrat.

"Rachel, John is an old hand at this. He has testified twice before Congress now. He's spoken at the United Nations. One thing he does; people are people. He treats people straight up, not by title, not by power base," Mark added.


John’s Crazy Socks, according to its website, earned $1.7 million in revenue in its first full year in business, and expanded to $5.5 million in revenue in its second year. The company also employees 31 people, including 21 who have a 'differing ability.'

Fox News' Frank Miles contributed to this report.