Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak might not have presidential powers anymore, but by all indications- he's got a lot of cash lying around.

Reports surfaced earlier in the week that Mubarak was worth up to $70 billion, but of that was true, he would be the richest man on earth. US intelligence officials have reportedly said his net worth is more likely in the range of one to five billion bucks. Most of that cash is believed to be in bank accounts scattered across the globe.

One place Mubarak won't be making any withdrawals anytime soon is Switzerland. That's because the Swiss want to, "avoid misappropriation of state owned Egyptian assets." So, they froze his. Swiss banks had roughly $3.5 billion worth of Egyptian deposits at the end of 2009, according to the Swiss National Bank, although it is not clear how much, if any of that, belongs to Mubarak.

The former President certainly likes to live large. The United States government gave him nine gulfstream jets, and he has luxury homes in many desirable destinations that it appears he paid for with money he obtained by using his position. After all, for the last 30 years, there was nobody around to stop him from skimming off the top of Egypt's treasury, and taking parts of major business deals in his country, for himself. Today, President Mubarak is reportedly contemplating the loss of that cash flow, among other things, at his residence in the beautiful Egyptian resort town Sharm el-Sheikh.