More Names on McCain "Truth Squad"

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Conference call on McCain “Truth Squad” just beginning and the roster has grown dramatically.

It now includes Sen. John Warner of Virginia, former chairman of the Armed Services Committee, Col. Robert “Bud” McFarland (former National Security Adviser to President Reagan), and retired Navy Admiral Leighton Smith.

Orson Swindle started off the call by describing Clark’s line of argument as “unworthy” that left him “pretty disappointed.”

Smith said McCain’s squadron was “large and difficult to command” and while it didn’t have a major combat role was nevertheless important as a maintenance and training squadron. He said it was “inconceivable” anyone could question McCain’s fitness as a commander-in-chief due to his leadership of his Navy squadron.

Col. Day said Hanoi was the most “heavily defended city in the world” and that McCain’s willingness to fly a mission over the city speaks to his heroism and war-time grit. He called Clark’s remarks “political shenanigans.”