Michigan town elects cat Sweet Tart McKee as mayor

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The results are in, and Omena, Michigan, has a purr-fectly new mayor.

Sweet Tart McKee the cat was elected mayor of the small village with a population of about 300 people. Diablo Shapiro, a dog, was selected as its first vice mayor.

The Omena Historical Society organized the election, which it uses as a fundraising opportunity with a $1 fee to vote, according to the Detroit Free Press. More than $7,000 was raised this year, and election officials believe outside votes were cast.

Punkin Anderson-Harden, a dog, was elected as second vice mayor, and goat Harley Jones serves as press secretary. Penny Labriola was appointed special assistant for fowl issues, a position she certainly is qualified for, as she is a chicken.

Sweet Tart, who was home schooled, previously served on the Omena Village Council and as vice mayor of the village.

While she can be a little shy, Sweet Tart, 9, wanted voters to know she isn’t stuck up, her campaign profile states. The dynamic between her and Punkin could be tense, however, as the young pup admitted her biggest pet peeve is cats who won’t play with her.

Sweet Tart is expected to appear at certain events and meet with neighboring mayors, the Detroit Free Press reported. She is the fourth mayor of the village and will serve a 3-year term.


“I represent the best of Leelanau County with the Sweet and Tart cherries,” she said in a statement, adding that she’s had experience governing and supervising her own household.

During the campaign, Penny’s controversial past was brought to light. The chicken, who was laid in the U.S., said she stole food from her sister’s mouth before.

It was also revealed Harley is not a lifelong Michigander; he was actually born in Missouri before he moved to the Wolverine State to pursue a career as a show goat. He also admitted to fathering multiple kids with two different women.

“I couldn’t help myself,” he said in his campaign profile.

Any living pet is able to enter the mayoral race as long as he or she lives in Omena, north of Traverse City, or the “Greater Omena” area.