Michael Moore says Sanders' revolution may have been too much for 'demoralized' voters who want Trump out

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Filmmaker Michael Moore, a Sen. Bernie Sanders supporter, Tuesday evening said that asking “demoralized” Democratic voters who just want President Trump out of office to support the dramatic political and economic changes promised by the senator may have been too much for them.

“They’re frightened, they’re demoralized, there is a malaise that has spread across this country and certainly throughout Michigan and people can’t take one more day of this,” Moore, who lives in Michigan, said on MSNBC after former vice president Joe Biden won the state on Tuesday.

“The fact that this coronavirus has driven home just how much danger we’re in with this individual in the White House -- asking people to do two things: get rid of Trump and get rid of the system, political and economic system that gave us Trump -- that was too much to ask, I think, probably for people who are just like, 'Can we just get rid of Trump.'"

He also suggested that Biden supporters are being "nostalgic about the past of the things that were OK before Trump."


Moore has been an enthusiastic supporter of Sanders and has joined him on the campaign trail more than once.

He stressed there are many delegates still up for grabs in the states yet to vote and every state should “have their say.”

“The game isn’t over,” he added. Still, Biden is favored to win in several upcoming states, including Florida where he has a double-digit lead in the polls over Sanders.

Moore said none of Sanders’ supporters are giving up on having the candidate’s polices and values implemented into any new administration if Trump is voted out of office.

He also advised that those who don’t support Sanders shouldn’t be “demeaning or smug” to young voters who went for him in large numbers over Biden.

Sanders “received the most votes from our young Americans,” Moore said. “We cannot win in November without them.”

Biden won in four states, including Michigan, Tuesday evening, where he bested Sanders by double-digits. Washington state and North Dakota were too close to call.


In 2016, Sanders won Michigan in a narrow upset against Hillary Clinton who had led in the polls.