Miami Commissioner's Aide Urged Constituents To Get A Life, And A Lobotomy

The 24-year-old pulled no punches on Twitter.

She launched an offensive, capping it off with all caps – a no-no in the world of social media etiquette.

“PLEASE GET A LIFE, A HOBBY, A LOBOTOMY,” she tweeted on Monday.

Granted, such insults are hardly rare in the world of social media. But it is the source of these prickly tweets that drew shock and anger – a special aide and administrative assistant in the District 4 office of Miami Commissioner Francis Suarez, who is running for city mayor.

The culprit, Christina Haramboure, has been bashing constituents online using her personal Twitter account, according to the Miami Herald.

Lest there be any confusion about the target of her rant, Haramboure began her “lobotomy” tweet with “Dear Constituents.”

Using her Twitter handle @ChristinaHam, the social media warrior tweeted hours later on Monday: “It amazes me how much people like to call here & b*itch at me ALLL DAY. their lives must really suck #leavemealone #socrabby #angryoldpeople.”

Suarez, 35, is challenging incumbent Tomás Regalado, 66, in November’s election.

According to the Herald, Haramboure expressed second thoughts about her tweets in an email to the publication.

She said, according to the Herald, that her tweets “are not a reflection of my attitude toward constituents.”

“Over the last two years, I have worked tirelessly to help hundreds of constituents, and I have made great personal sacrifices to continue serving the residents of District 4,” she said, according to the Herald. “I regret the Twitter postings and I apologize to anyone I may have hurt.”

For his part, Suarez on Tuesday said he did not know about Haramboure’s tweets, the newspaper reported, adding that the aide has deleted her Twitter account.

Although Haramboure offered to resign, Suarez did not immediately accept her resignation. But a day later, after the controversy grew, he fired her.

“She admitted and took responsibility for the messages,” Suarez said, according to the newspaper. “This is not the way we treat constituents.”

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