Chalk one up for liberty.

Smokers and nonsmokers alike in Westminster, Mass., came together to push back a move by the town’s Board of Health to ban the sale of all tobacco and nicotine products within the city limits.

This community of about 7,700 residents in north-central Massachusetts, in a founding state known for revolt against government overreach, took on the nanny state and won.

“This really wasn’t just about selling tobacco. This was about a board that said, ‘We’re going to do what’s right for you.’ That’s what really fired everyone up,” said Joe Serio, owner of Westminster Pharmacy, located in the town’s center.

The pharmacy is one of eight retailers in Westminster that sells tobacco products

Dozens of media outlets descended on the small town in recent days, as Westminster looked poised to become the first community in the country to prohibit the sale of tobacco and e-cigarette products.

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