Latino Republicans explain why they love Donald Trump

Donald Trump has long declared that Hispanics love him, and some say the feeling is mutual.

An entrance poll in Nevada would on its face support his assertion. He won 45 percent of the Hispanic vote, beating his two closest competitors, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz who are both Cuban-American.

While reporting on the "Trump Effect" in Nevada before the GOP caucus, Fox News Latino spoke to two Republican Latinos who were going to caucus for Trump.

Sebastian Gajardo is a 28-year-old law student at UNLV. He is a Chilean immigrant who arrived in the United States with his parents when he was 4. He supports Trump because he believes the real estate tycoon is the best candidate for the economy and thinks more Latinos support him but aren't willing to talk about it because of fear of criticism.

Patricia Martinelli-Price, an interior designer and philanthropist, believes America needs a CEO who can run the country like a business. Her grandfather had business dealings with Trump. She believes once the reality TV star is in the White House, his immigration plan will become more centrist because he's saying what he needs to say to be elected.

Some are surprised that Trump has any support from Hispanics. It was believed that Latinos would never support someone who has spoken so harshly about immigrants. Immigration is seen as a litmus test for many Hispanics. If you lose voters with harsh immigration rhetoric, the thinking goes, they won't bother listening to where a candidate stands on other issues.

Watch the video above to hear their reasoning.

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