Krauthammer on Trump's trip to Mexico: 'He took a risk, and he pulled it off'

Syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer said Wednesday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s impromptu trip to Mexico to meet with that country’s president paid off, and could be a boon for his campaign.

“He took a risk, and he pulled it off. Look, the big negative about Trump, the thing that the Clinton campaign plays on, is the fact that it's hard to imagine him as president,” Krauthammer said, adding, “Now, here he is standing on the world stage with a world leader. This is a big step.”

Krauthammer went on to say that Trump took control of the joint appearance and “spoke well.”

“He not only held his own, I think, in some ways, he sort of dominated… At the very end when they took questions,  it was Trump who took charge,” Krauthammer said. “He's sitting in the palace of the president of Mexico. This never happens. Normally, it's the host who picks the journalist. Trump took charge naturally, walked off the stage as the dominant guy.”

He added that Trump’s behavior in Mexico could pay dividends for the candidate.

“I think he really helped himself,” he said.