Kasich calls out GOP for being negative, warns of November catastrophe

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a Republican presidential candidate, slammed members of his own party Wednesday, referring to them as a collection of closed-minded reactionaries who could face an electoral catastrophe in November.

Kasich, who came in second in this week’s New York primary, railed on Republicans for being “negative,” in a Washington Post interview.

“If you don’t have ideas, you got nothing, and frankly my Republican Party doesn’t like ideas,” Kasich said.

Though Kasich has been mathematically eliminated from winning the Republican nomination for more than a month now, he maintains he isn’t backing down.

Kasich came under fire earlier this week when Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, called him a “spoiler” for staying in the race.

Kasich and Cruz appeared Wednesday at the Republican National Committee meeting in Florida, where elected party leaders from across the country kicked off a four-day get-together.

All three GOP contenders -- Kasich, Cruz and a representative for front-runner Donald Trump -- are making the case to party members, some of whom are delegates to the Republican National Convention in July, that they have the best chance to beat the Democratic challenger in a general election match-up.

Tuesday’s win in New York boosts Trump’s delegate count to 845, while Cruz has 559 and Kasich 147. To become the Republican nominee, a candidate needs 1,237 delegates.

Following Tuesday’s New York primary, Kasich mocked Cruz on Twitter, calling out the Texan’s inability to clinch 1,237 delegates before July’s convention “mathematically impossible” – a phrase Cruz himself has used in the past to call for Kasich to drop out of the race.