John McCain tweets horrific Syria pictures

The following is not for the faint of heart. Even those with iron constitutions may not be able to stomach these pictures.

John McCain has been decrying the carnage in Syria for a long time, lambasting the administration for not doing more to assist the rebels battling the Assad regime. Wednesday, he tried a new tack.

McCain used his Twitter account to post close-up pictures of rows of dead children, an infant with its legs badly injured, and naked emaciated corpses laid out on concrete slabs. The photos are a handful of 55,000 smuggled out of Syria documenting Assad’s torture.

I’ve chosen to publish this one because it was taken from a distance.

While McCain’s disclaimer may have been effective in the old Twitter, it’s hard for posts like this one to be avoided. Pictures are now embedded in feeds.

Reaction to the gripping photos ranged from outrage to skepticism toward McCain.

At the White House, Jay Carney took exception to McCain’s criticism of the administration’s current Syria policy and suggested that he may be pushing for a military solution.

“I didn't see Senator McCain’s remarks, and I’m not sure what exactly he’s advocating. If he’s advocating a U.S. invasion of Syria, I don't know. Is he advocating a bombing campaign?”

McCain also addressed the issue on the Senate floor Wednesday, mounting large photos on easels. In this social media age, these tweets are likely to have more impact.


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