How Well Do You Know Scott Brown?

All eyes were on the brand new US Senator-Elect from Massachusetts today during his whirlwind tour of Washington.

Although many Americans have seen him on TV, few really know much about him. Here are some fun facts:

*His newest nickname is simply, "41" coined by Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), specifically because Brown becomes the Republicans 41st vote in the senate, enough to potentially mount a filibuster and block health care reform.

*His old nickname back home in Wrentham, Massachusetts is "Downtown" Scotty Brown, referring to his famed jump shot from his days as a star hoopster at Wakefield High School.

*Speaking of hoops, when President Obama called to congratulate him on his victory, Brown challenged him to a game of 2 on 2 hoops. Brown said his team mate would be his daughter Ayla, a star basketball player at Boston College.

*Brown may drive a pick-up truck and cultivate an "ordinary-man " image but he is a regular guy with some extraordinary accomplishments: Brown went to Tufts university for under graduate studies and got his law degree from Boston College. Brown began his political career in 1992 as property assessor of Wrentham, Massachusetts. Most recently he was a Massachusetts State Senator, one of only 5 Republicans out of 40 seats.

* Brown is married to a local TV personality in Boston, WCBV-TV reporter Gail Huff.

* Brown routinely walks the family's two dogs, 11 year-old shirh tzu Snuggles and 2-year old Yorkie Koda. He actually walked the dogs twice on Wednesday, the day after his story book victory

* He rocks out to Aerosmith, a self- described, "Boston-band."